Sunday Houses of Fredericksburg Texas

Fredericksburg Texas has a delightful secret, Sunday Houses, charming houses that date to the late 19th century.  They were built by Fredericksburg’s first settlers; 125 German immigrants who arrived there in 1846 with deeds to ten acres of farm land and one in town lot.

The settler’s first priority was to start farms; their land parcels were located twenty miles out of town, with rutted roads making travel difficult.  The solution; they pitched tents on their in town lots staying there on weekends to shop, visit with friends, and attend church.

In time small houses replaced the tents, each had one room downstairs and an outside staircase leading to a sleeping loft.  All had gingerbread lace trimmed front porches for sitting and visiting with friends.  After Sunday dinner the owners returned to their farms.  Hence the name Sunday Houses and fortunately for visitors several of them are now guesthouses. 

All of the following Sunday Houses are within walking distance of downtown Fredericksburg – there’s no Wifi, just simple amenities; kitchens, cable TV, telephone, heat, A/C and peace and quiet.

The Metzger House built in 1898 is a pristine example of the original Sunday House style: one main room and a kitchen with outside stairs leading to the sleeping loft. 

Rode Sunday Haus dates to1909, it was built by the owner’s grandfather, Elias Rode and is decorated with many family heirlooms.

courtesyof Daryl Whitworth

Metzger Sunday House in Fredericksburg Texas


Yellow House

Yellow House  is the largest of the Sunday Houses with three rooms downstairs including a large master bedroom.  The house is surrounded by lovely landscaped grounds. 

Although not a Sunday House, the Loeffler-Weber Haus is Fredericksburg’s first pioneer home.  Made of logs and limestone it offers a rough-hewn romantic look in its comfortable living room and bedroom.


Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce

302 East Austin

Fredericksburg, Texas 78624



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